Marbury Teacher is a Class Act

"People are always going to need to eat and hopefully they'll always wear clothes," those are just two reasons why Augusta Gray says her family and consumer science class at Marbury High School is important in the 21st century.

The class used to be called home ec. This year most of her students are male. 10th grader Keenan McDaniel says, "I wanted to know about everything; how to sew and cook. I like to cooking and sewing helps me out a lot."

Senior Tonya Posey adds, "everything is like one-on-one. She doesn't just say do it. She makes sure you know how to do it and what's going on."

Ribbons gracing her classroom prove Gray and her students have met with success on the county level. She's also been honored as one of the top teachers in her field nationwide. "She is a quality person, not only in the classroom, but in the community. She's always the first one to volunteer to do things for us here at school; and is a tremendous asset to the school. She cares about the kids; we're going to miss her, she retires as the end of the year," says assistant principal Don Hulin.

Principal William Hopper says "they're going to be some giant shoes to fill because she's a wonderful person. And Mrs. Gray is the kind of teacher you want your kids to have; she's a wonderful Christian person."

While cooking and sewing are skills students may use for the rest of their lives. Her annual holiday classroom project to make afghans for boys in youth services custody, teaches students another type of valuable lesson. "It's giving back and I think they need to know that's important in life; to give to other people and not to get all of the time, " says Gray.

Gray's classes often provide the food for school functions honoring retired teachers. She's also the sponsor for the junior high cheerleaders