Editorial: Budgeting

We applaud what the city of Montgomery is doing now - zero based budgeting.

Start from scratch.

Access your spending needs.

Justify them.

Be accountable for every cent you spend.

The state should also improve their budgeting process.

State budgets are drafted based on guessing how much money will be available to spend in the next year and then drawing up ways to spend it.

Doesn't make sense on two fronts.

The projections don't always account for everything that might happen with the economy, as we have seen this year.

The Education Trust Fund is usually forced to cut budgets every three years since most of the revenue for that budget comes from income and sales taxes, and that's based on economic conditions.

Plus, logically, money should be spent based on need, not want.

It is our money that is being spent.

Treat it that way.