Guest Editorial: A Climate of Hate

"Hate" is a nasty four letter word but in the course of recent human events, we can't ignore it. The "Climate of Hate" that has cropped up in the last six months must not be passed off. This is the 21st Century. Why are we still dealing with this "blight" on the country that could take away the gains made by people of every color, ethnicity and religious group? Can't we all just get along?

Since the election of the Nation's first Black President it has been said that "Hate" Group memberships have grown. Why has the color of a person's skin, the odd last name, or even one's religion once again become an issue after 30 years of relative calm?

Martin Luther King believed that the day would come when we would be judged by the "content of our character" not the color of our skin but let's take that a few steps further: Why judge anyone for their religious, sexual or ethnic values?

A famous pre-Civil War handbill of a Black Man in chains once said "Am I not a Man and a Brother"? Peel away the skin and we are ALL THE SAME COLOR. The only difference is in what we THINK we believe. It's time for us to BURY hate in all its many forms and live up to the promise of the Constitution  - "One Nation Under God".

Rose McCall