Ice Cream Man is Coming!!!

Posted by: Judd Davis - bio | email

Demopolis , AL (WSFA)  It's a sound that will stop you in your tracks and clear out a pool.   The jingle from the ice cream man.    It was tough to hear that sound in one west Alabama town.  For the past few years Demopolis and the surrounding area didn't have an ice cream man.   But for one longtime business man that was not acceptable.   After turning 70 years old Gene Maddox decided he would be the ice cream man.    "I'm getting old so that's why I got this (truck)," Maddox said.

Mr. Maddox has turned into a pretty good ice cream man.     "It's a pleasure running it.   It's nice when you do something that you can get excited about.    Seeing these little kids jumping all over the place waiving for ice cream, it's fun."

The kids all have their favorites, and Mr. Maddox's family help him come up with the names.  There's the Sponge Bob, the Original Bomb Pop, the Crunch Vanilla, and a whole lot more.   Perhaps the toughest part about being the ice cream man, making sure you don't eat into your profits.    "I'll try one of these today, another tomorrow, I just try not to eat too much of it."

That's good news, because there are plenty of hungry little faces waiting for the sound of his musical truck filled with treats.