Thieves cut and run with area lawnmowers

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - In the quiet countryside of White City in Autauga County, thieves stole Kevin Joiner's lawnmower in broad daylight, an 1,800 horsepower 3 blader, valued around $6,000.

"I left at 2:30 and when I got back at 4:30, it was gone," said Joiner.

Gone and nowhere to be found and whoever did it, did it quickly. Joiner isn't the only victim.

It also happened to Charlotte Moore. Moore had a similar mower but the difference is her's was stolen around 3:30 Sunday morning.

"I'm shocked because it sounded like thunder at first but when I woke up they had pulled it to the highway," said Moore.

Two lawnmowers snatched away in less than a month. Investigators say at this point this doesn't necessarily point to the beginning of a rash of mower thefts, but Joiner and Moore aren't so sure.

"It seems like they're going after the big stuff," said Moore.

What really gets Joiner is the mere fact the suspects cut down part of his livelihood. Joiner ran a lawn service and earned around $500.00 a month and that's not all. The crime happened right across the street from a mobile home.

"A sheriff's department deputy lives there and they did it in broad daylight. Not sure if he (deputy) was home or not," said Joiner.

Kevin Joiner says he'll probably do something else for a living. Charlotte Moore says her mower, a 5-blade, 2,100 horsepower machine and trailer were valued at more than $10,000.

Moore and Joiner say White City was a place where you could leave your doors unlocked. Not anymore.

Autauga County investigators tell WSFA 12 News as of right now they don't have any suspects, no leads and no motive. Kevin Joiner believes he knows who the suspects are but can't prove it right now.

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