Chisholm rental properties under the microscope

Posted by: Jennifer Oravet -bio | email

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - If you ask an officer or neighbor about many of the rental properties in the Chisholm neighborhood, the answer is always the same...

"The houses are uninhabitable, they may not have running water, may have doors and windows busted." "They don't put heat in the houses and no air conditioning."

Neighbors like Henderson Wadsworth say they've watched endless tenants move in and out of the houses leaving them in disrepair. He says the rental companies never bother to follow up and fix the problems.

"They are slumlords, they want to get their money every month."

WSFA 12 News attempted to contact the J.M. Harrison Rental Agency, even visiting the central office, however they declined to speak to us on camera.  We also contacted Herman Reality, which also avoided the call.

The Montgomery Police Department is also seeing the side affects of these homes.

Simply by canvassing the neighborhood officers citied almost 300 homes that need work ranging from broken windows to tall grass.  The Housing Code Department followed the officers, stamping 18 homes with ordinaces simply because they are uninhabitable.

The Community Policing Division thinks if homes like these get a little tlc, it could begin to turn this neighborhood around.

Lieutenant Bill Herman says, "You wipe away the sore spots, cut the grass, paint the house, you get the neighborhood where you want to walk down the street and enjoy where you live."