Take Back Our Neighborhood stats: Chisholm comm.

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The following are the statistics from Operation Take Back Our Neighborhood, which is currently taking place in the Chisholm Neighborhood: (Numbers through Sunday 6/14/09)

  • 395 arrest warrants served on 113 Individuals
  • 455 Traffic Citations Issued
  • 113 Field Interview Cards Completed
  • 41.3 grams of Marijuana seized
  • 1.5 grams of Cocaine seized
  • 13 driver license checkpoints conducted
  • 49 Streets were surveyed for trash/litter- Sanitation Litter Crews (primarily inmates from the City Jail supervised by sanitation employees) were scheduled for Operation clean-up in the public areas of the Chisholm Community.
  • 12 community leaders contacted in reference to establishing Neighborhood Watch
  • 7 businesses were contacted in reference to establishing Business Watch Programs

The operation is ongoing and due to the tremendous success of phase one of the operation, the Montgomery Police Department is shifting into the community enhancement phase earlier than expected.