Editorial: MPS Superintendent Search

Only 3% of Montgomery County Public schools improved reading skills of first graders in the first half of this past school year, according to performance tests.

That improved to 91% the second half of the school year.

Still, the system failed to hit the 80% benchmark for the entire year and that is troubling.

There is much furor in the region this week regarding the selection of our new superintendent for Montgomery Public Schools.

As we debate the choice, it would be wise to follow the litmus test of the outgoing superintendent: what is best for the children in the system.

They are the customers who need to be served best.

Who is the person to best lead the system who will focus laser-like in doing what will help the students perform best academically?

If site visits prove it isn't one of the two selected finalists, start over and include all current applicants as well as others in a new search.