Little boy catches big fish

It was the struggle of his lifetime, but when it was over, an 8-year-old Ohio boy had quite a fish tale to tell after reeling in a 53 pound catch.

Josh Cobb, who weighs just 66 pounds himself, worked for more than 10 minutes to reel in a 53 pound carp last weekend while fishing in a gravel pit in Newtown, not far from Cincinnati.

"It pulled about 20 times harder than a cat fish, " said Josh, who is already an experienced fisherman. "I thought my dad was going to go crazy."

His proud father, Dan Cobb, explained how it happened.

"My son's floater went down, and I said there it goes, there it goes. He went over and hooked into it, next thing I know, he said, 'Dad it's pulling me, it's taking all my line.'"

The father and son team usually catch and release, but not this time.

"I had no idea what we had." said Dan. "All I knew was we had to get pictures of it with my son."

At first they thought it might be a record catch, but later learned what they landed was a Grass Carp.

The Ohio Division of Wildlife does not keep records on Grass Carp catches, but said if this had been a common carp, it would have broken the state record of 50 pounds, set in 1967.

"It does not count, but it's still a great catch for an 8-year-old," said wildlife biologist Debbie Walters.

Walters said grass carp can typically weigh up to 100 pounds.