Jubilee loses money for 2009

Updated: Taxpayer contribution figures

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Montgomery's Jubilee Cityfest organizers say they'll have to pull $27,000 from a reserve fund to break even after this year's event.

Heavy rains and the dwindling economic conditions may have played a roll in turnout for 2009, which was down by more than 5,000 patrons from 2008.

Approximately 28,000 people came out to downtown to see acts like Soulja Boy, Darius Rucker and 3 Doors Down.

Executive Director Marianne McLeod said, "Being an outdoor event, the weather is always a big factor with the turnout and we had a rainy festival this year. Over all we did see a decrease in attendance and ticket sales due to the weather and the economic downturn; however, we started looking at ways to reduce our operational expenses early on which helped us with this year's festival."

McLeod said it was "an incredible feat" to come away from the Memorial Day weekend only $27,000 short when the rains were taken into consideration.

The city of Montgomery gave Jubilee, which was first started in 1976, approximately $400,000 dollars in taxpayer money including in-kind services like police protection to help fund this year's event.

McLeod said plans for the 2010 festival will be revealed in the future on the fest's website www.jubileecityfest.org.