Secret meeting rumors and racial allegations in Montgomery superintendent search

WSFA 12 News is checking out information we received from phone calls to our newsroom regarding the search for a new school superintendent.  The callers said the city's black elected officials held a secret meeting and discussed the selection of the next school superintendent.  What concerned the callers was the statement allegedly made that quote "we don't want a white superintendent."

According to the callers, it was state representative John Knight who organized the meeting of black elected officials who met last Monday.  Knight says, " I have regular meetings with elected officials.  So the meeting was not called for the purpose of discussing the superintendent.  A meeting is called on a regular basis to talk about issues in the community."

Knight says the selection of the next superintendent did come up at the meeting, but at no time did anybody discuss that person's color. "I would not be in a meeting nor would I tolerate such a state because that is blatantly unfair and there was no elected official black or white who has ever made a statement like that to my knowledge," says Rep. Knight.

School board member Eleanor Dawkins was also at that meeting and says she is upset over rumors that are circulation that she made the statement. "That is an incorrect statement.  I did not say that.  I said very little if anything at that meeting," says Dawkins.

Dawkins says there were other school board members, but never four at a time which would have been a quorum and against the sunshine law.  "I think people are trying to fan the fire to cause additional problems and it does not make sense," says Dawkins.

Beverly Ross, the Chairwoman of the school board has called a news conference for Monday to address the situation.  We're told board members of the city and county government will be there along with the Chamber of Commerce.  WSFA 12 News will be there as well.