Baptist Health sorts through file fiasco

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Tommy McKinnon and Baptist Health couldn't believe that we found hundreds of sensitive documents scattered at the city landfill.

"Initially, I was shocked," said McKinnon, a representative for the hospital group.

"It's all radiological files and jackets. There are no actual films, because it appears they had already been processed."

Early Monday morning, hospital workers rushed to the trash heap and spent hours digging through the rubble for the records.

"By 8:30 we had retrieved all of the files.  They went through them both individually as well as using back-end loaders and other machinery to go through it completely," McKinnon explained.

Now, those records are locked away in 11 boxes, waiting to be processed.

Those boxes, however, aren't just holding records from Baptist's Radiology Department.   Some of them are from 5 other facilities, both in the Montgomery area and far away in Florida.

McKinnon believes the problem lies with an outside company used to properly dispose of x-ray films.

But the company, he says, didn't properly dispose of the folders and information inside them.

"We spoke with the management immediately, and they both acknowledged and took responsibility for the improper disposal of the files themselves," McKinnon said.

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