Guest Editorial: Children Are Our Future

By: Calvin D. Johnson

There is an alarming trend in the public school system.

The high school dropout rate in major U.S. cities is nearly 50%.

The local dropout rate for Montgomery County public schools exceeds 50%.

We are rapidly losing many young people to the streets. Researchers have found people failing to graduate from high school were 8 times more likely to become involved in drug and others crimes that lead to prison. Studies have also found that young adults with low education and skill levels are more likely to live in poverty and receive government assistance.

Young people who drop out of school are unlikely to have the minimum skills and credentials necessary to function in today's complex society and technological workplace.

There is hope. Several non-profit organizations have developed mentor-based programs to combat the perils that students face. Partners in Education, Family Guidance Center of AL, 100 Black Men of Greater Montgomery, Compassion21, and The Step Foundation are just a few of the various organizations that welcome anyone who has a desire to impact the lives of young people.

Volunteer to mentor a child.