Slagle breaks silence regarding superintendent search

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - After more than a week of silence, Interim Superintendent Clay Slagle used his time at the table Tuesday to address serious allegations surrounding the board's decision to cut him from the running.

"I, in no way, believe that any of those votes were cast along racial lines or along gender lines," Slagle said.

He also told the board and the public it's time to move on.  Time to look past controversial comments while planning the future of the school system.

"The work we have to do is some of the most important that can be done," he explained.

School board members--on both sides of the issue--say they're ready to put aside grudges and focus on the task at hand.

"I think it's exactly what this board and this community needed.  And the board really appreciated his comments, and I could not be more proud of Mr. Slagle right now," said board member Charlotte Meadows.

"It was never about Mr. Slagle.  It was never about Mary Briers.  It was never about Charlotte Meadows.  It was about what was best for the children in this system," said Mary Briers, also a member of the school board.

That's exactly what parents say it should be about.

"It should be the best qualified to serve our children--and that's all of our children, not just one group of children, but all of our children," Patricia Chatman

So, what's next for Clay Slagle?

"I hope they keep me," he told reporters.

After politicians and community members pulled for him to stay, Slagle says he'll stick around for as long as he's welcome.

"I go back to Chief Operations Officer or whatever position is available at that point in time.  You know, right now, my focus is Montgomery, and I have to stay focused on Montgomery, the same as the board does," Slagle explained.

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