Montgomery Co. admin. feeds the hungry

Donnie Mims
Donnie Mims

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - When you go into a Montgomery County Commission meeting, you'll notice the usual players. The commissioners, the regulars who typically show up, and course, the media.

But one man you're unlikely to notice right away is county administrator Donnie Mims. Quiet by nature, Mims doesn't say much except to make sure the meetings run smoothly. It's away from the office when Mims' voice is really heard or rather his compassion.

"It goes back to scripture. Matthew 25 talks about feeding the hungry and helping those in need," Mims said.

That's precisely what Mims and scores of volunteers did on a recent Saturday in west Alabama. Specifically, Gee's Bend right in the middle of the Black Belt, a poor section of the state.

"Jobs are hard to come by. The church took up an offering last year and raised $7,000 to distribute food," Mims said.

Not just one load of food but three loads trucked in by the Montgomery Area Food Bank. At Gee's Bend the Fishes and Loaves Program through Mims' church fed 500 families.

"A lot of joy in meeting the needs of the people. A great feeling to be able to do that," said Mims.

Such a great feeling that Donnie Mims has made 8 trips in one year feeding the poor in the Black Belt. It didn't happen at Gee's Bend but the story of an elderly woman convinced Mims that giving up a few Saturdays around the house makes it all worthwhile. A perspective on how the kindness of one man fulfills another.

"She was the last car and she was so happy to get the food and she had a Bible on her seat, a well-read Bible. It was all marked up. She said she wanted banana pudding, so we got her vanilla wafers, so she was so thankful that we gave her the wafers and the food," said Mims.

During the week Donnie Mims keeps his eyes on the county business. After all he oversees a payroll of more than $35 million and more than 900 employees. On weekends Mims opens his heart to the needy, answering the 'call' and making a difference.

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