Wiregrass Newsroom: Schmitz says he's ready for mayor's position

Mike Schmitz visits his employees at his new Dothan Toyota location.
Mike Schmitz visits his employees at his new Dothan Toyota location.

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DOTHAN, AL (WSFA) - For Mike Schmitz, running for mayor just seems like the next step.

"This is the time for me to be doing this," says Schmitz.

And he's not taking it lightly.

"We have a lot of challenges and I believe we can get a lot more done together," he says.

Getting things done is something Schmitz believes he does well.  20 years ago he moved to the Circle City to buy his first car dealership.

Now, he owns five.

It's that business experience Schmitz says sets him apart.

"I wanna use my experience to make sure that we have a great life. We have great services  and in these tough times we need to maintain that high quality of life."

The "Mike for Mayor" campaign focuses on four initiatives.  They are responsible government spending, quality education, economic development, and unity within the community.

"We can get a lot more done by making sure everyone has a voice, agreeing on some issues, and moving forward."

He says cooperation is key, even when it comes to his political opponent, Dothan City Commissioner Keith Seagle.

"We may be different on issues, but if I get elected, he'll still be a commissioner and we need to work together."

In the meantime, Schmitz says he and his family are excited about the possibilities.

"I think I would love the job," says Schmitz.

But no one more excited than his son.

"He tells everyone he's the son of a car salesman and if I get elected mayor we're moving up in the world," says Schmitz.

It won't be long before the city makes the choice for mayor.  We're only three weeks away from Election day.  Dothan residents take to the polls July 14th.

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