Officials push for no drunk driving over holiday

Written by: Jennifer Oravet -bio | email
Posted by: John Shryock - bio | email

MONTGOMERY, AL - The Fourth of July holiday is coming up and when it comes to being safe over the holiday it's more than fireworks safety.

The law enforcement community will deploy all its resources to make sure drunk drivers and boaters are removed from Alabama's roads and waterways.

Officers say all to often the holiday festivities continue on Alabama's roadways. "When alcohol is involved...those celebrations move from the park to the waterways and eventually to the roadways."

That's why officers from the marine police all the way to the district attorney are standing on a united front, asking everyone to consider the consequences before getting behind the wheel.

"If you have a drinking problem get help," said District Attorney Ellen Brooks. "It is available. But if you drink and drive, if you boat and drive, you aren't gonna get any help."

"It's 100% preventable," explained MADD advocate Monica Jordan who preaches prevention when it comes to drinking and driving. It's a lesson she wishes someone had taught the impaired driver that claimed the life of her son.

"It's so amazing when you look at the stats about how many people are killed by drunk drivers not far from their homes. My son, for example, had just left the house. Ten minutes later he was dead because of a drunk driver. It takes a minute."

One minute is all officers are asking for. One minute to make a sound decision that could change your life.

Last 4th of July holiday, 16 fatal accidents were recorded on Alabama's roadways. Three were caused by impaired drivers.

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