Update: Beaten Eufaula boy dies

WORCESTER, MA (WSFA) -- New developments surrounding an Eufaula boy allegedly beaten unconscious on Father's Day. Seven year old Nathaniel Taylor died this weekend.

A nursing supervisor at UMass Memorial Medical Center in Worcester, Massachusetts says Nathaniel Turner's family removed him from life support Saturday after a shocking and difficult week.

A judge declared the boy clinically dead on Tuesday after police say his father, Leslie Schuler, beat him into a vegetative state on Father's Day while Nathaniel was visiting him in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Authorities say the final attack was the culmination of several weeks of abuse.  Nathaniel lived in Eufaula with his grandmother, but relatives say the woman was told Schuler had an order giving him custody of the boy for the summer.   That order, authorities say, was never given.

Saturday, after days of hoping for any sign of life from the young boy, Turner's family decided it was time to say goodbye and gave the order to remove him from life support.

No word yet on funeral arrangements for Turner or if he'll be buried in Eufaula, where he lived, or in Massachusetts where his mother resides.

Police do tell us Turner's family did decide to donate the boy's organs.

Results of an autopsy performed this weekend are expected in a few weeks.