FEMA: Millions ready for Central Alabama

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MILLBROOK, AL (WSFA) - With nearly two months of waiting behind them, residents are hoping for some major help from Uncle Sam.

"I heard about [FEMA] on the television," explained Ivan Watson, one of the victims from May's storms.

Watson spent part of his Sunday to have a chat with the Federal government--by way of Millbrook's "Disaster Recovery Center. "

"I came by earlier today to ask a couple questions.  They answered my questions very well and told me that I should have a claim, due to the fact that I didn't have insurance," Watson explained.

Many residents are well on the road to recovery.

In just a little more than a weeks time, FEMA inspectors hit the ground running and the number of people signing up is growing.

"We've already approved $2.5 million of individual assistance," explained Renee Befalis, a FEMA spokesperson.

"We've received probably about 1,200 registrations so far, which is a good number."

The disaster recovery centers aren't exactly crowded.

Many flood victims registered by computer or phone.

No matter how you do it, FEMA says residents have to sign up the right way.

"One of the things we really want to stress is once they get the packet they need to fill everything out," Befalis said.

That's not a problem for Ivan Watson and many other residents who are anxious to get life back on track.

"I feel it's a great relief because of the fact that now, I can get this work done that I know it would've taken almost forever for me to repair and get it done," Watson said.

FEMA representatives say getting registered is critical.

If an inspector came to your house, that doesn't necessarily mean you're cleared for disaster relief.

Once you get a nine digit case number, you're good to go.

For more information, or to find a disaster recovery center near you, call FEMA at 1 (800) 621-FEMA (3362).

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