Editorial: West Side Story

As a manager of a 55 year old business on Montgomery's west side, it is good to see some focused attention on our area.

The heart of any city is its downtown and Montgomery's well on its way to making it special.

The east end of the city continues to grow tremendously.

But all parts of the city must be special and west end neglect can't continue.

We applaud and support a recently unveiled West Montgomery initiative to revitalize the Fairview Avenue section of this area - the gateway to the city.

It is what folks see first and it should be a positive sight.

Creating a West Fairview Tax Incremental Finance District will help with reinvestment in the area.

It's time to grow the city's tax base by jump starting declining neighborhoods and making it attractive for businesses to invest.

Enhancing police presence, improving affordable housing options and living conditions and cleaning up obvious eyesores in the west end are all key to making this initiative work.

The Governor's Mansion sits in the heart of the West End of the City.

As the symbol of a prosperous Alabama, we need it to be surrounded by prosperity.