Residents enjoy long holiday weekend

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - It's the three day weekend everyone has been waiting for. Friday, residents and visitors were out on the road--traveling to their Independence Day destinations.

"It's been smooth sailing. Heavy traffic," said Ray Kahrs of Slidell, Louisiana.

Other people are staying closer to home.  The goal: to avoid steep gas prices and make the 4th of July a day of R&R.

"I just came back off a trip, so I'm not going anywhere. Nope," said one Montgomery resident.

For the people pressed with preparing meals comes some last minute shopping at the supermarket.

Residents rushed to make sure everything's set for relatives when they stop by.

"Some paper plates and some paper towels. Then I'm going to the house," explained Linda Calhoun of Montgomery.

It's not all chores and shopping lists.

Children--and their parents--got the chance to enjoy their holiday before the holiday.

Dozens of people came to Downtown Montgomery Friday for some food, fun, and a fiscally sound getaway.

"We just wanted to check it out.  See what was going on.  It's just a cheap way to entertain the family," said Teri Gray of Prattville.

With fireworks and family soon to arrive, residents stand ready for some weekend fun.

"[I'll be] in the backyard with family. We'll just enjoy the day," Calhoun said.

"We'll stay out of the heat, but we're used to it down South," Kahrs explained.

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