Church group escapes political turmoil in Honduras

Members of the Honduras mission trip group at Pike Road Baptist Church reflect on their trip.
Members of the Honduras mission trip group at Pike Road Baptist Church reflect on their trip.

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PIKE ROAD, AL (WSFA) - Days after their return, a team of 20 reflects on a trip most people wouldn't dare to take.

"We were concerned about it a little bit, but not to the point where we were gonna not go," says Tammy Griffin.

Tammy and her husband Scott led the team of young and old to Honduras to feed the hungry and spread the gospel.  They landed the day Honduran government officials ousted President Manuel Zelaya accusing him of trying to alter the country's constitution to extend his rule.  Political unrest and turmoil soon followed in Honduras.

While the message from American officials was clear urging North Americans not to travel unless it was necessary, Scott and Tammy's message was clear, too.

"We prayed about it and the answer we got back from God was that, yes, it was absolutely necessary to travel," says Scott Griffin.

With a political battlefield before them group members carried on despite the danger.

"We didn't let fear get in the way. We all focused on God and God got us through it," says 19 year-old Cody Abney.

Members say they didn't really notice the effects of the unrest.

With only a few road blocks and a night without power and water, they tried to focus on the task, not the turmoil.

"All the leaders were telling us that God's gonna direct us and guide us and that gave me a lot of confidence," says 13 year-old Dalton Magdon.

Now they're dropping to their knees for a nation in peril.

"We've been praying for Honduras since all this has happened. We just want what's best for them down there because we all love the Honduran people," says Tammy.

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