Update: Summer for Sammy

Posted by: Judd Davis - bio | email

Notusulga, AL (WSFA) -  We all know the summer can be brutal in Alabama.   The heat and the humidity forces most folks inside.    For pets it can be dangerous, especially for animals who spend the day outdoors.

So we paid a visit to Notasulga to visit our friend Sammy the cat.   We first met Sammy back in January when we learned he was banned from the post office because a customer complained.   Sammy would usually spend his days enjoying the sun through the window in the winter and chilling in the AC in the summer.   But now Sammy's on the outside looking in, and this summer heat is taking a toll.  "We put some water out trying to keep him cool" said postal worker Jamie Pack.    Jamie and folks around town make sure Sammy's plate is full when it comes to water.   But he actually found a new place to hang out, at the tax office, in the shade, just a few doors down.

"Sammy just can't come back inside, sorry Sammy."    Sammy understands, the rules are rules.   And he does get some inside time.   His owners live around the corner and he gets some shade from them.  But Sammy's favorite spot is outside the Notasulga post office, and that's where you'll find him everyday trying to beat the heat.

Sammy does has his own Post Office Box and he's received letters from 49 states, everywhere but North Dakota.   You can write him too.  Send your letter to:

Sammy the Cat

PO Box 173

Notasulga, AL 36866

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