Lake front property cheaper than you may think

Jennifer Miller gives a tour of the camper where she and her family live at Wind Creek State Park.
Jennifer Miller gives a tour of the camper where she and her family live at Wind Creek State Park.

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ALEXANDER CITY, AL (WSFA) - The sight and sound of waves hitting the shore is normal for Jennifer Miller.

She and her family live in a camper in Wind Creek State Park.  It's a new trend causing some to move into permanent campsites to save cash.

"The wildlife, the animals, the lake, I mean, it's beautiful here," says Jennifer.

They've been there for about six months while her husband works a temporary job at a nearby company.

They're one of about 25 families living on permanent campsites in Wind Creek.

While the accomodations are small...

"Little bitty camper!" says Jennifer.

she and her kids say it's worth it.

"It's like the best place we've been in our life," says Collin Miller.

"It's a touching, uplifting experience," adds Jennifer.

Jennifer pays roughly $700 dollars a month for the homesite, utilities, and view.  It's a far cry from the $2,000 dollars she's used to shelling out for a house.

And the park appreciates the income.

"It has helped us basically pay the bills," says Wind Creek State Park Superintendent, Jimmy Shivers.

Park leaders say while you may be able to live there permanently you can't treat it like it's your own house.  There are certain rules every resident must follow to keep the park clean for everyone.

"Keep litter picked up, [keep it] kinda orderly, just stuff not randomly thrown out," says Shivers.

As for Jennifer, it's a life she's come to love, and a place she'll hate to leave when moving day comes.

"We'll probably all cry."

Park leaders say another advantage to living there is the safety. Anyone coming in must go through the front office. Park security is continually roaming to keep watch on kids.

Living at the campsite costs about $700 dollars a month during the spring and summer months.  It's $450 dollars the rest of the year.

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