Two new Butler County schools await thousands of children

BUTLER CO., AL (WSFA) - High tech and built to last at least 100 years. We begin with the new magnet school in Georgiana.

The building spreads out over 100,000 square feet, 50 classrooms, large enough for 700 students and big enough to include 200 more. High-definition television monitors in all the rooms and hallways, making overhead projectors obsolete. And that's not all. Right in the center of the school is the Internet cafe.

"This is relevant to learning and we want the students to be prepared for the real world," said Butler County School Superintendent Mike Looney.

In Greenville, the new W.O. Parmer Elementary School is finished, enhanced with a bit of flair. The Little Red Schoolhouse is ready to say welcome to 600 children in grades K through 2.

The two new schools in the two towns share a common thread and it's something you can't see beyond the walls and ceiling.

The walls and ceilings were reinforced with extra concrete and steel in certain places.

"This doesn't make the schools tornado-proof but it should add more protection during a storm," Looney said.

Strong and sturdy yet inviting to begin a new year.

The new magnet school cost $15 million dollars to build and more than $6 million for W.O. Parmer.

The Butler County School District along with the Butler County Commission and Greenville City Council borrowed $25 million for school construction projects.

Classes begin on August 6th.

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