Editorial: Feedback

Editorial Feedback 7-7-09

You shared our editorial concerns following the school board meeting we aired live on wsfa.com last week when the new superintendent for Montgomery public schools was selected.

T.D. Hillman emailed: "As a parent of a child engaged in public school education, the last 12 minutes of watching this fiasco has settled my ruminations on the question of pulling my child out of public education. If that display of racial divide, tension, unprofessionalism by some and contention by others is the best MPS has to offer my child, I am compelled to forego public school education! I cannot help but feel that what took place in that board meeting would be no less the same spirit manifested down the whole organization and affect our children negatively with its same poison. How can this kind of division and railroading produce the kind of quality education in our children that matters most to us as parents?"

Patricia Russell emailed: "What is wrong with choosing local candidates who are qualified? We might find one who would stay with the system."

Susan Helms emailed: "In order to completely minimize any future race issues connected with school board's activities, members of the board should be required to be of as many different races as possible."

And Barbara Harris Evans emailed: "Why is it that when blacks are together on something they are called racist?"

We appreciate all of your feedback.