Editorial: Abandoned Eyesores

Editorial            Abandoned Eyesores    7-9-09

Neighbors say this house on East Delano has been abandoned for 15 years.

Within a few hundred yards of it, houses on Southmont, Wilmington and Norman Bridge are abandoned.

The sad part for both neighbors and people driving through this west Montgomery neighborhood is that all four of these houses are corner lots - the most visible house on the street.

The other homes on the street are very nice.   But the whole street gets tainted by the first house you see.

Boarded up and broken windows and overgrown grass and weeds don't welcome you to the neighborhood.   These houses scream of neglect and invite crime.

Wilmington residents are victimized twice because the corner lot at the other end of the road is a cluster of abandoned apartment buildings.

Those buildings have been vacant for several years.

Why does it take so long for these properties to be torn down?

Most are already targeted for demolition.

We encourage city council members to use capital improvement funds to upgrade your neighborhoods by removing these abandoned eyesores.

We encourage legislation to expedite the process for weed ordinance enforcement and demolition of abandoned property.

And we encourage residents to come together to help us take back our neighborhoods.