Residents react to officer arrests

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FORT DEPOSIT, AL (WSFA) - Residents don't know what to think after two of the people charged with protecting them are charged with robbery.

"I'm a volunteer firefighter in this town, and I take my job very seriously.  And if we've got cops playing around, they need to start taking their jobs very seriously," said Dennis Bender.

"I had hoped that our officers were of a little better caliber," exclaimed Opal Moran.

The police department is a hot topic in this small town.

One reason?  Its size.  Only a handful of officers patrol the community.

"We were beginning to feel comfortable that we had a sufficient number to cover the territory," Moran said.

Residents aren't the only ones shocked by the news of the highway robbery.  Workers in the area say the trust between the law and the people is broken.

They're actually doing the crimes that they actually arrest other people for, so I think really something is wrong with that," said Joyce Moorero.

While investigators piece together this bizarre puzzle, a community waits for answers and a feeling of security once again.

"It'll make me think twice the next time a blue light is thrown on me and I have to stop for an officer or something.  You never know what might happen," Moorero explained.

WSFA 12 News tried repeatedly to get in touch with the mayor and police chief but was told they were both unavailable.

Both men will make their first court appearance on Friday.

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