County Road 12 - "Big Fish" Comes to Wetumpka

For a third time in eight years, the town of Wetumpka will be starring in a major motion picture. Right now,  parts of the city are undergoing a facelift for the movie "Big Fish". Debbie Williams takes us along on a visit to "Hollywood South" somewhere out along County Road 12.

Somethings going on in downtown Wetumpka. "I believe they began in November," says Chamber of Commerce Director, Jan Wood,"but time has gone by so quickly it's hard to remember." Everything is a little topsy turvy. "On the end of the block they are reconstructing a theater in the old Fain Theater location. If we look across the way over here, and moving down this way they are making that a hardware and are painting that particular building.

What is it about this little town that has hollywood coming to call so often? Wood thinks she knows, she's had a hand in all of the productions here. "The fact that it has an older look to the entire area and also the people. The general community has been very receptive to having Columbia Pictures." "Big Fish" is about a father telling his life story to his son. It's the son's job to sort fact from fiction. There's not anybody like that in Wetumpka is there? "Oh no, probably not, i'm sure" Wood laughs.

With so many movies here, audiences may soon be able to recognize this city by the river that has now starred in more movies than some celebrities.  Did you ever want to be in the movies? "Not I. I would be very content to be a backup."