Remembering and honoring E.D. Nixon, Sr.

Montgomery, Ala. (WSFA) -- He was known as "the Father of the Civil Rights Movement" and Sunday marks the anniversary of E. D. Nixon, Sr's death.

On Saturday, his supporters held their annual graveside memorial service at Eastwood Gardens Cemetery.   Nixon's niece, Alma Johnson and former Tuskegee Mayor Johnny Ford attended the service.

"Because of his courage Mrs. Rosa Parks had someone she could lean on.  Because of his courage, men like Fred Gray and Tom Gray and others took part in the civil rights movement, he was the rock, E. D. Nixon, the father of the modern-day Civil Rights Movement," said Ford.

"What he did was make life better, not just for black people, but for everybody in America from school kids to office holders we all owe a huge debt to E. D. Nixon, Sr.," said Richard Bailey.

Nixon is remembered most for serving as president of the Montgomery NAACP and helping organize the Montgomery Bus Boycott.