Ace Golfer

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Greenville, AL (WSFA) -  Ask any golfer, hitting a hole in one is the ultimate shot.  Some golfers will play their whole life and never get the elusive ace.   Ask Ricky Langston, he'll say, seems pretty easy this summer.

Ricky started playing golf at 30 years old.    He got good real fast.   A few years ago he got his first ever hole in one, and he thought that might be it, then came the summer of 09.   He got his first hole in one this year at the Greenville Country Club in early June.     "I was happy but looking at all the guys I had to buy drinks for,"  Langston said.      That's the rule, you hit the hole in one, you buy the drinks.   But hey, that'll never happen again right.

Well, same course one week later.....  "It was a small green on hole #4, they all started hollering and doing the drinking motion."    He did it again, two in two weeks.     So that's then end of the streak right?      "One week later I hit the ball about 9 feet short, it rolled up and went in.   I just fell to the ground it hit me, all the par 3's on this course in 18 days, I couldn't believe it."

So what did his friends say?  "Lucky, lucky, lucky."    And Langston admits you need some luck, but come on 3 in three weeks, this guy is an ace on the course.   His next goal... on more hole in one this year would tie the course record of 4 hole in ones in one year.   Let's see if the luck/skill continues.

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