Will trade: Jeep for husband

SALT LAKE CITY, UT (NBC) - A Salt Lake City woman hopes her Jeep Wrangler will help her wrangle a husband! She's offering the Jeep, in exchange for a proposal and ring.

"Free Jeep with wedding ring. Let's get hitched," says Kelli O'very. She's got a sense of humor, and she's got some guts.

A few weeks ago O'very posted the ad on the KSL-TV classifieds, offering her 1992 Jeep for a proposal and a ring.

"I did it mostly as a joke. And I thought ya know if something comes of it that's great," O'very says.

Something has come out of it: Responses!  She's received between 200 and 300 emails.

"I'm trying to weed them out, narrow it down see if I can find somebody to hook up with," says O'very, as she mulls over the responses. She's doing this because she's 38 years old, and really, really wants to be married.

"The people I spend the most time with are married. They make it look so good. How can you not want that for yourself?"

"I think it's hysterical. I think it's really funny," says Sarah Peterson, O'very's best friend.

Peterson, who's married, helped her come up with the idea. She says O'very is an intelligent woman who figured by throwing her Jeep in the deal she would attract a man with similar interests.

"I also ride a 4-wheeler. So I like to go to the dunes a lot and I would like somebody who wants to play," adds O'very.

Kelly has hope Mr. Right will see this ad, and the two will 4-wheel into the sunset together.