Man thrown from Elmore Co. bridge

Doug Holder survived being robbed and thrown off a bridge.
Doug Holder survived being robbed and thrown off a bridge.

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The canal bridge on Highway 14 quickly became a crime scene and a bridge to pain and brokenness for a Wetumpka man. Sheriff Bill Franklin says the 'Good Samaritan' stopped to help a lady who indicated she had engine trouble but she clearly had a hidden agenda.

"When he stopped and he got out and started toward the vehicle, two white males jumped out," said Sheriff Franklin.

The men got the man's money. The cash was estimated at $150.00 and the suspects promptly pushed him over the edge of the bridge.

"The tree limbs helped break his fall," Franklin said.

Investigators say the victim fell about 25 feet and suffered a broken hip and two broken bones in his back.

"As soon as I saw those two guys get out, I knew this was not going to be good. One of them had a gun," said Doug Holder.

We found Holder still hurting but sitting up in his hospital room and his wife Tammy packing up, getting ready to leave the hospital since the weekend attack.

"The only thing I'm bitter about is I won't be able to work for the next 4 to 6 weeks," Holder said.

It was Tammy Holder who initially found her husband lying on the bank of Calloway Creek below the bridge some 4 hours after Holder was pushed over. Despite being in pain Mr. Holder somehow managed to call his wife from his cell phone.

"What really got me is when they airlifted him," said Tammy Holder.

Over his wife's objections, Doug Holder says this won't stop him from helping someone else but agrees he'll be far more cautious than he was late that night on the canal bridge.

"I'll pay closer attention next time," said Holder.

Elmore County detectives are looking for a 1980s model red 4-door Honda with tinted windows in the back. As of this writing investigators have no leads in the case.

Sheriff Bill Franklin says if the suspects are caught they will more than likely face felony assault and robbery charges.

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