Stimulus funds help save AUM jobs

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Auburn Montgomery officials say they'll spend more than 88 percent of the $2.1 million in stimulus funds the university will receive next year to save or create jobs.

Some of those positions were slated for termination because of budget cuts.

Chancellor John Veres made the announcement Thursday, adding the remaining 12 percent will go towards absorbing fee increases that might hit students.

Veres said the university's vice chancellors reviewed 67 proposals, including 18 from the academic divisions. Sixteen were tentatively selected to fund for the coming year.

Half of those chosen are in academics, including a plan to add a track in Nursing that will enable the school to admit more students.

"We were excited by the number of great presentations from individuals with ideas for innovative new programs or projects," Dr. Keivan Deravi, vice chancellor for Academic Affairs, said.

"In these challenging times, the university's main objective was to extend employment for an additional year for many employees whose jobs might otherwise be eliminated at the end of September with the beginning of a new, reduced budget," explained Veres.

He expects the proposals funded with stimulus dollars to be self-supporting after two years.