Group Home for Children needs financial help

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Jeanette Woodard grew up on Chicago's west side. Her mother and brother were gang members.  She wound up in foster care. Looking for a new life, she moved to Montgomery to live with her sister. It didn't work out. Jeanette decided to move back to Chicago, but then she learned about Group Homes for Children. She said, "It's helped me with a lot of things like self esteem."

Jeanette wrote a letter to Group Home thanking them for helping turn her life around. Over the last year, Jeanette landed a job and has gone back to school. "It has given me hope for the future," she told us.

Jeanette has found a friend in Cotorica Floyd - who is also in the program. Arrested for the first time when she was in 9th grade, Catorica says the program helped her clean up her act.  "I got a job and I'm saving up for anything I want to do," she said.

Others may not get the same opportunity. Group Homes for Children relies on donations, but those have dried up with the economy. The group needs $80,000 within the next couple of weeks or it will have to shut its doors.  Now they're making a public plea - asking generous Alabamians to give them a chance to provide children like Jeanette and Catorica a second chance at life. "Some people don't have family and this is there only hope like ours," said Jeanette.

If you would like to help, call at 241-9604.