Driveway dispute turns violent

Annie Mae Smith, 51 (Source: Montgomery Police Department)
Annie Mae Smith, 51 (Source: Montgomery Police Department)

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The crime scene started very close to home--in between two homes on Courtland street, to be precise.

An argument about parking in a shared driveway spun out of control fast.

Witnesses tell us Annie Mae Smith, 51, wanted to leave, but her car was blocked.

The argument escalated, and police say smith waved a gun in the air and shot a 16 year old involved in the fight.

Residents in this area say Smith isn't exactly the kind of person who would go and shoot someone.

"She's a wonderful lady.  Actually, what she does is mind her own business and go to work everyday. She's not a trouble maker," said witness Monique Davis.

In fact, some people claim Smith was outnumbered and had no choice.

"A lot of people [were] around her. Threatening her. And she just defended herself. [. . .] When you feel threatened, you're going to react just for your own safety, and that's what she did," Smith said.

Either way, a teen is in the hospital and a longtime resident faces a stiff charge after a neighborhood squabble got out of hand.

"I think it's an unfortunate situation.  This is a very nice neighborhood. Nice community. Neighbors get along well, and this is one of those unfortunate, isolated incidents that happens every day," Smith explained.

Police charged Smith with 1st degree assault.  She posted bond on Thursday.

The teen--shot in the jaw--is recovering from his injuries.

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