Pike Road mayor talks about town's future

WSFA 12 News' Bob Howell talks with Mayor Gordon Stone of Pike Road
WSFA 12 News' Bob Howell talks with Mayor Gordon Stone of Pike Road

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PIKE ROAD, AL (WSFA) - For Pike Road, it's been a long road--trying to attract more residents, businesses and tax dollars into their town.

Pike Road came out on top of a legal squabble with the City of Montgomery over major retailers along the Chantilly Parkway--with The Home Depot and Walmart being declared in Pike Road.

However, now there's question over a new Lowe's.  Which city will it belong to?

"Mayor Strange and I are having excellent dialogue, and I believe that we can solve this without having to let the courts ultimately resolve it," says Pike Road Mayor, Gordon Stone.

During WSFA 12 News' "Newsmakers" on-line program, Stone said it doesn't necessarily have to be a "winner-take-all" proposition when it comes to big stores and millions in tax revenue.

"I think there may be potential for us to share revenue.   And I think if we could do that we could both win," he says.

Mayor Stone says in the future, the Chantilly Park corridor could be home to any number of businesses.

"We've had conversations with feed stores, with automobile dealerships, we've had conversations with banks, but most of those have been preliminary conversations about groups who are looking at where they want to be down the road."

Not far off Chantilly, Pike Road recently bought a building to convert into a City Hall complex.  Stone says that has other merchants excited.

"It's been amazing since we bought that Pike Road station, the number of people who have called and said we want to locate there."

A priority for Pike Road is a city school system.  Mayor Stone says his town has cleared it's first hurdle in establishing that system when the town's population passed 5,000 people.

That's the threshold for starting a school system.

But he says that's still several years away from happening.

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