Ala's senators react to water war victory

WASHINGTON - Alabama's senators are reacting to Friday's water war victory.

Senator Richard Shelby issued this statement:

"Today's ruling represents a huge victory for Alabama.  The Court made clear that Atlanta and the Corps can no longer substitute their will and judgment for that of Congress.  I look forward to working expeditiously with my colleagues in Alabama, Florida and Georgia toward an equitable water allocation agreement worthy of Congressional consideration and approval.  It is imperative that we proceed to a fair resolution without delay."

Senator Jeff Sessions issued this statement:

"I was pleased that the court was allowed to fully consider this important case, and its ruling today vindicates the state's sound legal arguments.  The decision is a sweeping victory for Alabama, and Governor Riley and his team should be commended for their steadfast commitment to representing the state in this long-running dispute.  The court made clear today that water withdrawals from Lake Lanier should be frozen at their current levels and should revert back to mid-1970's levels unless Congress acts.  Congress should not intervene in this process until the three states have reached a negotiated settlement."

Alabama, Florida and Georgia have been fighting in court for decades over use of the Lake Lanier reservoir.