Update: Suspect in custody, accused of killing 6 people

Source; AP photo
Source; AP photo

Huntsville, Ala. (WAFF) -- Six bodies discovered in murder spree that spans two states, and authorities say they are all connected.

Authorities discovered five bodies in Lincoln County, Tennessee, the second crime scene at a Huntsville business.

Investigators say they have a man in custody ---Jacob Lee Shafer---who confessed to the killings.

Authorities say Traci Shaffer, her 16-year-old son and teenage neighbor were found dead Saturday in her home near Fayetteville.

The bodies of Shaffer's brother and father were found in a neighboring home.

Meanwhile, Huntsville detectives are working to identify the victim and -his- connection to the bodies in Tennessee.

Right now, detectives believe the only possible motive is domestic disturbance.

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