Traffic slow going on I-65 over the weekend

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) --  A traffic nightmare for drivers on Interstate 65 in Montgomery.

The Alabama Department of Transportation is continuing work on the Progress 65 project.

Bumper to bumper traffic is greeting drivers traveling along Interstate 65.

"Been stuck in traffic for over two hours, going into our third hour since right after Fort Deposit," says Kim Tyra a driver from Birmingham.

"It's slowing our ride home, we ain't getting there in time," says Benji Green of Heflin.

ALDOT is continuing work on the Progress 65 project.

I-65 northbound is down to one lane as crews continue bridge widening and paving work on the interstate.

"We've been backed up for forever," added Green.

"People all over both sides of the road, people are kind of going nuts out there but we didn't have a lot of warning before we had to merge into one lane so it's frustrating," explained Tyra.

However, some drivers understand the headaches just a part of the process.

"It's not going to happen overnight and there has to be some major inconveniences but overall your going to get a better highway system," says John White a retired highway worker traveling from New Orleans.

Work is between Catoma Creek Bridge and I-85.  The lane reductions should end Monday morning.

Work on this section of the Progress 65 project should be complete in October.

Reporter: Daniel Curtis