Wienermobile crashes into house

Opps probably doesn't cut the mustard here...
Opps probably doesn't cut the mustard here...

(NBC) - A 27-foot long Oscar Mayer Wienermobile crashed into a Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin home around 11:45 Friday morning.

Police say the 22 year old driver from Pennsylvania wanted to see Lake Michigan, so she drove down a lakefront street for the view. When she got to the end, she tried to turn around, and instead of pressing the brake, accidentally pressed the gas and drove into a lakeside home.

Zachary Nielsen, an 11-year-old saw the crash. "It was all bent up and it was stuck and there were like pieces falling off and it sounded like a gunshot," he said.

The crash surprised Zachary, but it shocked homeowner Paula Righter, whose son called her to let her know what happened.

"I thought for sure he was joking... not funny, and I realized he wasn't, so I came right home and saw for myself," she said.

The Wienermobile was gone by the time she got home, but Paula did see the damage the hot dog left behind.

"You can see the balcony is all pushed up and wrecked. If you go down and look you can see the foundation is cracked all the way up," she said.

No one was home at the time of the crash, and the driver wasn't injured. Mount Pleasant Police said the accident is still under investigation and the driver hasn't been ticketed.