Romanian officials learn from Dothan system

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DOTHAN, AL (WSFA) - The city of Dothan is hosting some international guests.

The Romanian government sent officials to the circle city to learn how they operate their emergency services.

Romania wants to learn how Dothan runs their emergency services and say they're a model they want to copy.

The basic goal of emergency services is public safety, protecting citizens from disasters.

In the United States those duties fall on the shoulders of local police and fire departments but in Romania, it's up to a federal agency.

Lt. Gen. Vladimir Secara heads that Romanian agency but wants to make changes.  So he's learning from the Dothan Fire Department.

"The main purpose is to exchange information to be better prepared to strengthen the relationship with our colleagues from Alabama," says Lt. Gen. Secara.

Romanian officials are learning how Dothan's fire department operates and how it trains its firefighters in everything from structural rescues to hazmat incidents.

"To be sure that we keep the same level of training to have the same standards," says Lt. Gen. Secara.

In fact, Romania considers Dothan an international model in emergency services.

"The ability to showcase what we do here on a daily basis and the services that we provide here are top notch and are recognized statewide and now internationally," says Capt. Chris Etheredge of Dothan Fire Department.

And as the relationship grows between the circle city and the former communist country; officials from Dothan may visit Romania sometime next year.

The visit grew out of the national guards state partnership program.

The program links U.S. states with foreign countries around the world, and Alabama's partner is the county of Romania.

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