Post office lowers flag for dead cat

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NOTASULGA, AL (WSFA) - The Notasulga Post Office lowered its flag to half staff Thursday. The move signified the huge outpouring of sympathy that folks from all over the country are giving to a cat that died Wednesday after being hit by a car. Cards, pictures, a wreath and even flowers appeared at a makeshift memorial not long after the news broke.

The orange tabby named 'Sammy' captured national attention after WSFA 12 News' weekly segment County Road 12 profiled the down and out sunbather.

Sammy was banished from his perch in the post office back in January after an unnamed woman complained that he didn't pay taxes so he had no right to be in the federal installation. It was later added that she suffered from cat allergies.

Regardless of the reason, Sammy got the boot and citizens protested. Even former Auburn football coach Pat Dye weighed-in on the situation saying Sammy should've been allowed to stay inside.

Many have asked why someone didn't just adopt the stray and let him stay inside their own home. Problem is - Sammy wasn't a stray. His 'human' is named Lorenz Porzig and he and the cat officially lived just across the street from the mail facility. (Sammy reported dutifully to the post office everyday for catnaps, though.)

Porzig says his now famous cat disappeared for several days late last week only to return Sunday. Limping back with a broken leg, Sammy was also said to have been missing his tail. The vet who worked on him thought his internal injuries were just too severe for a recovery.

Unlike most animals, Sammy had his own mail box at the post office - a byproduct of his banishment if you will. Several protestors gathered money and purchased the box. Now people from all across the nation send him letters and cat food. At last count residents of 49 states felt compelled to write. (None from North Dakota yet...)

The mailbox owners say they'll continue to keep the box so Sammy's friends can write condolence letters.

The address:

Sammy the Cat
P.O. Box 173
Notasulga, Al 36866

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