Kid finds cocaine in his candy

(NBC) - A Middleburg, Florida teen bought a bag of Skittles from a CVS, and got more than he bargained for.

Police say Bonnie Cowart and her 14-year-old son went into the CVS around 5:45 Wednesday.

Her son, Corby Cowart, says he found a bag of cocaine next to the bag of Skittles inside the candy box.

Cowart  says he was surprised by the discovery and knew what it was by watching the show Cops on television.

The family reported this to the Clay County Sheriff's Office, who tested the bag and it came back positive for cocaine.

The family says the went back to CVS to talk to the manager.

They say the manager told them there was no need to take the remaining Skittles off the shelves, and laughed it off.

CVS later said they are cooperating with the investigation.