Worms, slugs overtake Mass. McDonalds

(NBC) - Do you know what's lurking at your local fast food restaurant? Well, if you're headed to the McDonald's in Bridgeton, N.J., it could be worms -- and slugs.

Customers at the McDonald's on Broad Street were welcomed by a "closed" sign on Wednesday. Why you may ask? They apparently have an infestation of worms and slugs and the health department is now investigating.

Bridgeton Mayor Jim Begley and the Cumberland County freeholder board received a letter from the franchise owners stating the restaurant had an "infestation" of worms living under the soda station, in the drain and on the soda system tubing in the drive-thru area. The letter suggested the worms may be living and reproducing in the foundation of the building.

The slugs can be found in the walk-in fridge and sink, according to the letter, and apparently this pest problem has been going on for some time. The worm and slug problem could be because of the location of the restaurant.

"I think, where the McDonald's is located, it's basically on a marshland. Everything and anything can grow in there..." Begley said.

Franchisee, Barry Person, issued the following statement:

"My restaurant staff and I take these matters very seriously. Working with McDonald's USA, we have voluntarily closed the Bridgeton McDonald's restaurant. We are taking immediate action to address any issues at the restaurant."

The restaurant remains closed to the public, but patrons found the reason for the shut down less than appetizing. "Worms! Are you serious," said one man. "It's crazy."