Serial fast-food robber hits 10th store

A man is targeting Dallas area drive-throughs
A man is targeting Dallas area drive-throughs

(NBC) - Police in Dallas, Texas are searching for a man who has tried to rob as many as 10 fast-food restaurants over the past ten days.

The man police have dubbed the "Drive-Through Bandit" doesn't even wear a disguise as he drives up to the windows of fast-food restaurants around Dallas and demands cash.

"He hasn't been that successful in any of them," Senior Cpl. Kevin Janse said.

Investigators say they believe the man hit up at least three Dallas fast food restaurants Thursday morning, first a McDonald's, then Whataburger and finally a Wendy's.

The robber points a handgun at the cashier and threatens to shoot. "We certainly don't one of these to turn violent," Janse said.

So far no one has been hurt, but the robber has managed to get away every time. Police say that may be all he has going for him.

"In most of these, employees are just closing the window and walking away," Janse said.

Police said they believe the drive-through bandit is driving a red or maroon Ford Expedition with beige interior, running boards, a luggage rack and sunroof.