Study: You are what you eat...kind of

(nbc) - Does the saying "You are what you eat" really hold true?

Hellmann's and Best Foods recently conducted a survey of nearly 3,000 Americans and their sandwich choices.

Participants were asked to select their favorite out of one of eight mouth-watering popular sandwiches. Choices included such favorites as turkey, egg salad, and the classic BLT.

Researchers then compared character traits and behaviors of the sandwich lovers with their tasty choices.

The results were interesting.

When it comes to food selection the study found that club lovers made great employees. They're reliable, committed and loyal.

A fan of the popular ham and cheese? Research indicates you're thoughtful, inquisitive and curious.

Those who prefered turkey sandwiches are said to be creative, rebellious and 'free-thinkers'.

No matter how you slice it, what you put into your sandwich could possibly uncover insights into your passions and personalities.

Just imagine what your personality could be if you like ALL THREE!