Editorial: Economic Challenges

New construction permits totaled 31 last month in Montgomery, up from 23 in May and 15 in April.

The dollar value of the construction was more than 10 million, up from three million in May and less than two million in April.

Homes on average are selling in three months in Montgomery.

Nearly 300 of the 31-hundred homes listed in May were sold and River Region new homes sales are up 12% the past three months.

These are signs of an economic rebound of sorts in our area.

But the key to true recovery will be jobs for the nearly 15,000 unemployed in Montgomery and nearly 200,000 unemployed in Alabama.

Those numbers will rise by the end of the year, as city government layoffs are likely in Montgomery and Birmingham with continued revenue shortfalls.

Job creation and retention will keep other economic metrics positive.

That is where we all need to focus.