Cuts continue on final day of budget hearings

Fewer trash pickups in the future for Montgomery.
Fewer trash pickups in the future for Montgomery.

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Hard questions, tough decisions. All part of putting together a $210 million city budget. Tuesday, the Department of Public Works with 6 divisions was the last of all the city departments to present its budget to Mayor Todd Strange.

And it looks like the sanitation division will reduce its Saturday garbage pick-up from 4 times a month to twice a month, a move that should save sanitation around $374,000 a year.

"That's a function that's been around for 25 years. A lot of people use that pick-up, however, in that reduction we have a proposal to open up the landfill for people to use the landfill at no cost," said Sanitation Director Dan Dickey.

Also on the chopping block; cutting out the number of cars employees drive home every night.

"The car issue is a big issue for us. I estimate 150 cars don't need to go home every night," said Mayor Todd Strange.

The mayor says so far the city has found around 4 million dollars in savings to help make up the projected 8 million dollar shortfall.

At city hall more number-crunching is in store and that could mean a smaller payroll by the time the mayor presents the entire budget to the city council on August 18th.

"We need to make value judgements. Furloughs.. attrition versus layoffs.. no decision has been made because we don't know what the numbers (revenue stream) are right now," said Mayor Strange.

As of right now the city has a roster of around 2,800 employees. The mayor says he'll meet with his department heads one-on-one later this week before making a final decision on all proposals early next week.

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