Editorial: Sports Capitol

It will be great for Montgomery to play host to the crown jewel of Alabama High School Athletic Association again.

All Star sports week left us five years ago for Huntsville.

Folks from throughout the state who will make the trip here in July the year after next will be amazed by the growth since perhaps their younger children came here the last time we hosted.

This is the kind of showcase our city needs to turn cash registers in a slow summer month for an entire week and more importantly, excite the visitors from throughout the state to come again!

We applaud the city for getting this deal done and encourage more deals to secure sporting events.

Montgomery has the sports facilities, more than 7,000 hotel rooms and an increasing number of quality shops and restaurants that should attract team sporting tournaments - particularly those for tennis, baseball and softball.

A sports commission should be set up through the Convention and Visitor Bureau and work in tandem with Parks and Recreation to facilitate recruitment of these tournaments.  Focusing on female youth events would bring parents who will stay a night or two.

Aggressive leadership will continue this momentum Montgomery is building to be a state showplace.